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Madam Atokad... (2P!Dakota) :iconpixelboid:Pixelboid 8 216 Diancie's Response 77 :iconyingyangheart:YingYangHeart 4 33
*For Friends!!!*
Some of you may remember: 
The Scottish Rice Wedding Event from last year that was the entire month of May XD
the "One Year Anniversary" is coming up, should I do something small for it?
If anyone who wanted to contribute to the celebration last year but didn't do it...would y'all wanna draw stuff? :0c
We don't have to if you guys are 100% tired of this ship XD XD
:iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 1 6
Best Breast :iconrosalinassoulmate:RosalinasSoulmate 4 3 Clarence and Damian's Different Incarnations :iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 5 0 (Collab) LINK ON A MERCEDES!! :iconnintengustavo:NintenGustavo 14 10
Info on the Amiibo Mii Trinity
Mii Gunner amiibo name: Clarence FP
Gender: Male
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Personality: Easygoing Softie/Independent Individualist
Stat Specialties: Speed and Defense
Birthday and Sign: 1/11, Capricorn
Elements: Thunder and Ice
Headgear and Outfit: Mini Top Hat, Fancy Suit
B: Charge Blast
Forward B: Stealth Burst
Up B: Cannon Uppercut
Down B: Echo Reflector
Mii Swordfighter amiibo name: Damian FP
Gender: Male
Favorite Color: Purple
Personality: Confident Adventurer/Outgoing Entertainer
Stat Specialties: Speed and Attack
Birthday and Sign: 2/11, Aquarius
Elements: Thunder and Wind
Headgear and Outfit: Top Hat, Neon Suit
B: Gale Strike
Forward B: Airborne Assault
Up B: Skyward Slash Dash
Down B: Reversal Slash
Mii Brawler amiibo name: Victor FP
Gender: Male
Favorite Color: Black
Personality: Outgoing Leader/Confident Go-getter
Stat Specialties: Speed and Attack
Birthday and Sign: 5/18, Taurus
Element: Thunder
Headgear and Outfit: Mini Top Hat, Vampire Garb
:iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 3 1
COM: Ex-Villains' Story
The cease and desist incident had finally made him realize the wrongdoings of his actions- his past actions that only brought him hatred from his foes and misery from the guilt he now gathered in his heart.
Daidek, a well-spirited fighter with a new heart of kindness, used to be a villain with little to no mercy on his foes. With a hit and a smash using his infamous fighting style that everyone called Fist, Daidek would easily gain the upper hand in any competition. That is not to say, that the teenager was following any rules.
But ever since his wake up call, he realized being a villain would bring him nowhere. The poor kid was now in a desperate situation to get someone to talk to him, to reason with him, but everyone who once knew the malicious personality turned their back on his cries. In a glum state, Daidek cracked his knuckles, grumbled, and sauntered off into the distance, not caring what would happen to him.
For a second, there was a spark in a glimmering distance of plain da
:iconisagenius:IsaGenius 2 0
The Figure Player Spirits
Mira: Clarence.
Milton: Damian.
Milo: Victor.
All three Mii Fighters: Raise up the pendants we gave you.
[Clarence, Damian, and Victor did so.  The Mii Fighter silhouette pendants flashed brightly, and each one took a portion of the wearer's spirit, and the spirits of the appropriate Mii Fighter.  Then the portioned spirits formed into the twin images of the three Miis, forming a second Clarence as a Fancy Gunner, a second Damian as a Neon Swordfighter, and a second Victor as a Vampire Brawler.  They opened their eyes to the world.]
Clarence: Welcome to our world, our twin images.
Damian: Count on us and our friends to make you the strongest you can be.
:iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 3 42
Amiibo Mii Trinity :iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 4 2 Spider Daidek :iconositodraws:Ositodraws 6 5 Centaur Sketches 3#~! :iconpixelboid:Pixelboid 7 12 Easter Billy :iconrosalinassoulmate:RosalinasSoulmate 5 0
In Search of Mii Fighter Successors
[Battlefield, in August's world of Smash.  Clarence, Damian, and Victor saw the still body of Mii Brawler Milo, and turned into a broken worn-out trophy.  Then they saw Mii Swordfighter Milton and Mii Gunner Mira getting the body out and giving it to Master Hand and Crazy Hand to dispose of the broken trophy.  The Psychics and Fulmen met up with the two surviving Mii Fighters.]
Milton: Some girl named Veronica finally killed the Brawler...
Mira: Ha!  Please, there's only two of us now.  So what if we lost our close combat ally?
Milton: Mira, can't you show a little respect for our fallen former ally?
Mira: Whatever, Milton.  Can you share some chicken pot pie with me?  I'm so hungry, I can't shoot blasts from my arm blaster.
[The Swordfighter and Gunner shared and ate some chicken pot pie.]
Damian: Oh my word...
Clarence: So much for the initial Mii Fighters...
Victor: Indeed.
Mira: Yup.  Can't be a complete team of Mii Fighters with just the two
:iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 3 20
Untitled :iconositodraws:Ositodraws 2 8
Tagged by one of my inspirations Ry-Spirit 
1.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

"OUT from your steel shelled sanctuary little bird!" From The Invincible Iron Man (the coming of the controller)
2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach? 
An empty bottle of grape Ramune. I normally dislike soda but there are exceptions!
3.) What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Shark Tank I think.. that was a while ago.
4.) Without looking guess what time it is? 
High noon.
5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
6.) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Birds outside and the clock, the sound of my life ticking away. 
7.) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
I went to go walk my dog. He's so cute and fluffy. He's starting to lose weight I used to call him "Captain Distendo" because he was so overweight.
8.) Before you
:iconositodraws:Ositodraws 4 5

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Welcome to my profile, I hope you enjoy your stay!

You wanna nuclear bang for your buck, than commission :iconisagenius:

Significant People;

For having the courage, and bravery to deal with me, even at my worst.

For having a mother-like kindness, even though I had been horrible to her.

For not only being my first buddy, but also for being awesome in general!


For having great and helpful advice, and for being a good person in the inside.

Important Days;

January 4th; First Faithful Encounter Day!

Feburary 5th; Dakota's Birthday!

May 8th; Daidek's Birthday!

July 27th; Day of Dakota!

August 10th; 8/10

November 1st; Mercy Day!

December 13th; August's Birthday!


Vision; It's a very clear house, you can't mistake it, very detailed house, especially for the software. I look forward to seeing devia...

English; This picture, it shows all the characters Hoby has created, in a way this a monumental task for any artists,including myself, ...


Madam Atokad! (2P Dakota!)
At first glance she may look like an ordinary woman, but that is far from the case. While she was once a, 'a woman-like creature with deadly long tendrils and cursed black magic to aid her' She is now a changed woman and for the better, she far healthier and stronger, and I for one find it adorable! She now spends her time in more paternal things, because she loves children! It's said that a special someone saved her from Arvo, who? I dunno. But she's new and improved just like Daidek!
Madam Akotad~ (c) :iconpixelboid:

Inspired by:…
[Daidek, Milo and Lakshmi relax at home when Daidek brings up a question.]

Daidek: Hey Lakshmi remember the time I revived you?

Milo: [Looks in complete confusion.]
One day at his laboratory.

"I will rebuild Jezebel, to be the perfect creation." Daidek-E growled. Daidek-E sighed, "Maybe my original purpose can be finally satisfied. All I really wanted to do was keep Daidek, safe from the cruelty, of humanity, and yet he's done just that."
Daidek-E looked a bit different, he still wore his crown, but had light blue clothing, like his counterpart. Daidek-E wept and said, "Don't worry my little one, I will protect you."


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