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5 Stages of Grief Meme by Jabnormalities 5 Stages of Grief Meme :iconjabnormalities:Jabnormalities 1,566 115
Mii Magica's Secret Trophy Collection
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
~Mog the Moogle
~Crystal Chalice
~Giant Crab
~Yuri and Chelinka
~Lady Tilika
~King Leo
~Chancellor Chime
~Death Machine Omega and Sigma
Pokemon Sun and Moon
~Alolan Meowth
~Alolan Raichu
~Lycanroc (Midday and Midnight Forms)
~Alolan Marowak
~Type: Null and Silvally
~Zygarde (10% Form)
~Zygarde (Complete Form)
~Alolan Exeggutor
~Alolan Ninetales
~Tapu Koko
~Tapu Lele
~Tapu Bulu
~Tapu Fini
~Cosmog and Cosmoem
~Pokemon Trainer (Sun and Moon)
~Professor Kukui
~Lusamine (Ultra Beast Merged)
~Inkling Girl
~Inkling Boy
~Agent 3
~Callie and Marie
~Annie and Moe
:iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 2 0
Mii Magica Sixth Wave by AugustFlorenceWaters Mii Magica Sixth Wave :iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 5 0 Those forever ruby eyes of hers...  by Pixelboid Those forever ruby eyes of hers... :iconpixelboid:Pixelboid 9 39
The Former Lives of the Fulmens
Bertrand: Long ago, in our world of crystals and the four tribes, there was a golden age of prosperity.  My sister and my brothers and I came from that age, and we were all forest dwellers.
Victor: Way back then, we were born normal to a family.  As very young kids, we did a lot of roughhousing.  We received the occasional scoldings, but otherwise we were all good.
Victoria: Then came a plague that wiped out everyone in the village...except for us.  We all escaped into the deepest parts of the forest, and grew up to become feral.  We all learned survival and hunting skills.
Serge: We noticed that the forest became overrun with monsters brought forth by the Angry Flower.  We used the opportunity to learn how to fight before some distant adventurers defeated the Angry Flower and the forest returned to normal.
Bertrand: All four of us are quiet witnesses to the events a pair of fraternal twins experienced.  After they recreated the world to their liking,
:iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 3 30
AT: Daidek and Pals by LittleMissHistoryLov AT: Daidek and Pals :iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 4 0 Gift: Happy Bithday Daidek~! by Pixelboid Gift: Happy Bithday Daidek~! :iconpixelboid:Pixelboid 10 3
Complete off day
This is August's look-alike.
From Tuesday, May 16 and up until the night of Wednesday, May 17, is my complete off day.  That's right, I'll be offline during this time span, as I'll be off on a road trip to Michigan.  The Mii Magica and I need to use this time span to rest from hard days of work and online social interactions (and the occasional eavesdropping).
We'll see a few of you tonight on May 17...if we're not too road lagged.
:iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 3 3
Side-to-Side: 1P and 2P Dakota~! by Pixelboid Side-to-Side: 1P and 2P Dakota~! :iconpixelboid:Pixelboid 11 83
Art Trading! ~Friends, Mutuals, and Watchers~
Hi guys!!
I'm setting up art trades in a few waves, so for the next week, I'll be up for drawing for you all!
I'm setting up a few slots for you guys :heart:
When I'm done with the art trades in this first wave, I'll add more people to the list!
1. Daidek- Daidek, Lakshimi, and Atokad *COMPLETED*
2. Shelly - Samuel *COMPLETED*
3. Becca - Agnes x Lance *COMPLETED*
4. Rayn - Red Steam
5. PowderGirl101 -
 Karla x Spencer
Please comment if you'd like to art trade!

Ok!! My slots are full, but when they're empty, I will be up for trading again <3
:iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 1 31
Happy birthday Daidek! by Ositodraws Happy birthday Daidek! :iconositodraws:Ositodraws 6 6 Happy Birthday Daidek by nitrosilver98 Happy Birthday Daidek :iconnitrosilver98:nitrosilver98 6 1 Happy Birthday, Daidek! by SlyZeke101 Happy Birthday, Daidek! :iconslyzeke101:SlyZeke101 9 5 [Commission] Daidek Espressions V.2 by Nikkilove025 [Commission] Daidek Espressions V.2 :iconnikkilove025:Nikkilove025 3 5 Birthday Gift: Daidek and the Mii Magica by AugustFlorenceWaters Birthday Gift: Daidek and the Mii Magica :iconaugustflorencewaters:AugustFlorenceWaters 6 6 Blue Birthday Buddies by RosalinasSoulmate Blue Birthday Buddies :iconrosalinassoulmate:RosalinasSoulmate 5 3


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Daidek's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Welcome to my profile, I hope you enjoy your stay!

You wanna nuclear bang for your buck, than commission :iconisagenius:

Significant People;

For having the courage, and bravery to deal with me, even at my worst.

For having a mother-like kindness, even though I had been horrible to her.

For not only being my first buddy, but also for being awesome in general!


For having great and helpful advice, and for being a good person in the inside.

Important Days;

January 4th; First Faithful Encounter Day!

Feburary 5th; Dakota's Birthday!

May 8th; Daidek's Birthday!

July 27th; Day of Dakota!

August 10th; 8/10

November 1st; Mercy Day!

December 13th; August's Birthday!


Vision; It's a very clear house, you can't mistake it, very detailed house, especially for the software. I look forward to seeing devia...

English; This picture, it shows all the characters Hoby has created, in a way this a monumental task for any artists,including myself, ...


Ultimate Trio
Daidek, Lakshmi, and Emilia.

Lakshmi and Emilia (c) :iconaugustflorencewaters:
Anti Hero Trio
Whilst not villains they aren't heroes either...

Daidek (c) :icondaidek:
Akotad (c) :iconpixelboid:
Ortin (c) :iconnitrosilver98:
Clashing Brawlers
Daidek and Spencer at it!

Daidek (c) :icondaidek:
Spencer (c): :iconaugustflorencewaters:
One day at his laboratory.

"I will rebuild Jezebel, to be the perfect creation." Daidek-E growled. Daidek-E sighed, "Maybe my original purpose can be finally satisfied. All I really wanted to do was keep Daidek, safe from the cruelty, of humanity, and yet he's done just that."
Daidek-E looked a bit different, he still wore his crown, but had light blue clothing, like his counterpart. Daidek-E wept and said, "Don't worry my little one, I will protect you."


:iconflameshine2014: :iconyingyangheart: :icontomodachismash: :iconositodraws: :iconlordchocochip: :iconlucinalover20: :iconkillzonepro194: :iconlittlemisshistorylov: :iconaugustflorencewaters: :iconnitrosilver98: :iconslandychan: :iconpixelboid: :iconliefkenway: :iconnintengustavo: :iconslyzeke101: :iconrosalinassoulmate:

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What outfit for regular daidek?
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No crown for you in the drawing? What outfit will you and I be wearing?
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Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I finished your commission:

Since I recently had a day off and less work than usual, I was able to finish it early!
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How do you go about putting a suit on guzzlord? Do I cover the second mouth?
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What's up?
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I was starting to color the commission but then sketchbook glitches and everything deleted 
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Hello Daidek, wherever you are, you must be off to something important.  I won't stop you from doing what you can to get the important things out of the way.

Take care of yourself now, and we'll talk much later.
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